• Serena Tan

MSN Virus crashed my computer

This is so maddening. Me were in the msn last noon when Mei mei (but itwasn’t her, just using her) invited me to view her latest pictures and in no doubt whatsoever, in the innocent mind of us, we readily click the photos in anticipation to view. The file cannot be viewed and still I went back to ask the so-called-owner what the file was about.

Me computer went haywire, I started sending a file to everyone that is online (without my knowledge) by itself (and god-knows-how) and the online msn-ers thinking that I DID sent a photo file asked me why I sent an unknown file and so on and so forth. And worst, someone else started sending the same file around. OK! The computer is twirling round and round.


STUPID! I never in my mind, thought the least was a virus. STUPID!

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