• Serena Tan

Mummy on recovery in hospital

I think daddy was worn-ed out last night, after spending almost 3/4 of a day in hospital and waiting for Mummy to come round for 3 hours in the hospital room.

We bought dinner over to Mount E, at Newton. The Char Kway Tiao was super dry and lousy. I tink the darling Ak was super hungry, he kept saying nice…nice….

then of course, when we arrived at the Ward, mummy just got pushed out of the ward and was so delirious… and not actually physically awake. worst she spent her delirious mode vomiting and vomiting.

It looks pretty bad, so the doctor JAB her the anti-vomitting medicine. then she went back to tranquilizing sleep…

tsk, thought maybe she wasn’t used to the sedative feeling. so we left her to relax and sleep in the night.

pssss…. my face rashes is heating boiling up.. i darn irritated. Since when i had this problem? is aching up every few weeks since… what is this?

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