• Serena Tan

Mummy’s yahooo

The darling AK was so sweet to wake up in a little before mid night to do an account for the mother of mine. Comically, She has been accessing Daddy’s yahoo after her days of retrenchment and Daddy insisted she have her own personal account ….

“stop using mine’’…daddy..


She was in out of our room last evening trying to get the lazy me to help her open a yahoo account, and we switched on the computer and before I could reached the computer online,

I fell into dreamland.

Never waking up until this morning,.

So During my course of sleep, The darling AK did for me instead.

Gaga so sweet ya!

and then some how i was craving for

beer rice so very much for the last few days

and the darling Ak took me to eat last evening.

So i get to eat in the end!

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