• Serena Tan

My 1st Friday in the Office

while waiting for the AK to come home, i thought i just write the friday events down. Sometimes, most of the times, we forget the first day at work, be it horrid, happy or a little apprehensive.

Last friday it was good,. My new colleague and i arranged to meet at the City Hall Train station to walk to the office tower together. Yes it was a 20 more mins walk. It was alright with a companion to chit-chatty with on the way.

The office was a rented office, so in all it looks large and huge cause there are other offices in the same “OFFICE”” but it was cozy enough, you won’t realise you in a shared office. Its cool, with a aunty push cart, like in hotels, where room services are available. The aunty would push the cart round the office rooms in several times to clean up.

I was taken to a Thai restaurant (no cheng cheng) and ate and ate, until i gave up. Probably i talked more than i ate, the wind all got into my stomach very quickly and i was full in moments.

my colleague kept coming into the room to check if i was okay, if i needed biscuits, if i needed more water, if i needed some other things. Otherwise she was busy with the bossie and Quek checking if they needed some other things.

1st day always passes too quickly, tryin to get orientated and familarise. Before long, i was saying goodbye to the weekday..

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