• Serena Tan

My Benji & Nikki are getting old… soon

These nights ended in such a simple way, I can say I probably haven’t got my thoughts sorted out in many ways. Time seemingly have blowed off so quickly that each day I have put off my stuff so long that I thought I could have seen spider webs. After work it seems, I just want to relax. And to have to do my work after WORK, I thought I can do it the day after but who knows, this lingering thought push forward until its almost end of Jan and my study materials haven’t been ordered yet. What more, the thoughts and stuff to deal with has been pushed further away as well.

And our poor Niki has a quite a HEART problem that causes his functionality to function slowly and unresponda-ly. Poor dog. Fortunately, the naught BENJI is quite healthly still and at his age of 8 years! Today my parents brought them back from the Hotel and they looked good except for the news of Niki. His hearing is bad though as well and because the lack of exercise, he has causes the heart to weaken. And that brought me back to MIMI , the day she died, and me Mother and I was weeping like the tears were endless. Of course, when animals are about to pass away, they tend to move away from their resident, the further the better and MIMI did just that. She dragged herself the furthest away from us and laid motionless at the doorstep, the furthest she could get! – 12 years ago!

And I thought to myself “gosh!”, I really have to deal with that emotions again, this time, as the 2 DOGS start to age and show signs of aging…and sickness..…….

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