• Serena Tan

My Birthday

was always the best thing to sit around and chit chat. So i told darling AK to get Uncle anson and Joyce and Tall ben to sit around to drink. It was at Thursday nigh and Daddy and Mummy came to join us in a while of the middle of the night.

Bread Talk cake which mummy bought for me

We drank quite a bit that night until 5am.

and ty, helen chai get to meet darling AK again with

prior arrangements to pass me the present she gotten me.

How i received the present, it was underneath the T-shirt of

Tau TaoGao, Uncle Snop in the bedroom.

The fridge freezer chosen to not-click the door and shut

completely (duno when) so on Friday noon, i noticed the freezer

died off and all stuff in the freezer was melting badly.

The food was thankfully still frozen and edible.

So we had makan at home that evening.

The fishes past week that darling AK caught would

have been to the drain if we discovered the freezer in later hours.


Mummy managed to baked the rest of the unconsumed fishes

and head and preserved them for Sunday Assam day!

Not forgetting that night darling Ak and I followed Uncle Anson Joyce and Nelson to Lunar!

Drink Drank Drunk. Like I always say, i’m old already cheong at 12am, ended 3 am..

but like zombie like that the next day.

But it was fun .. very fun!

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