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How I called my blog name lovemysnoopy…

I never knew what a blog was until one day, Helen emailed me and bugged me about she wanting to start a blog. Since she was away in Arizona and nothing to do, she started her blog back in 2005.

She called it lovemejean. (how she thought of this name, I never knew..)

Then I followed suit to accompany her. I followed her. I never racked my brains about the blog name. I just followed after lovemejean. I called it …………lovemysnoopy !!. (Since I loved my snoopies so very much) We started not in blogspot but some other free website and within 2 months, it got closed down, and we shifted out the entire blog to blogspot, blogger. I was 3 months behind Helen!

That was how we were updated of each other’s lifes when she was away. It was meant to update my good friend during then…

During then, my ONLY 1 visitor was only Helen!

its been 3 years since…

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