• Serena Tan

My Clothes doesn’t fit anymore

this morning I was putting on a dress, and then after walking up and down in the room, I took off and put on a looser dress. It was too tight and i didn’t want to spoilt my Friday putting on a tight one and feeling breathless the whole working day and feeling, whatsome, reminding myself the tightness is .. indeed, fat.

Some say putting on weight.

I have a paper bag inside the cupboard,. I just have to wear the next blouse, shirt, skirt dress wearable and once, it didn’t fit or I feel tight or the blouse somehow would make my tummy visible, I would throw into the paper bag and give it to the next hopeful soul.


Is this discouraging or not…. Maybe if I left the tight clothes alone, I would be determine to lose weight so I could put on it again. Then, I doubt I ever do that.

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