• Serena Tan

My Coming weekend looks dreadful

And it’s the Friday towards a cool weekend, that I ain’t really looking forward! Anyhow, ideally, it had to be, so!

The AK made tons of plans for these 2 days, fun marketing makan and more fun together. Seems fun, But my next week seems super boring to me! Sigh! Still!

Maybe its that, that last evening over at 156, I thought it was funner to chit-chaty when some aunty joined us and began to talk louder and louder at her sharperest VOICE you could ever imagine. I left 156 before my ears could take it and irritatiness grew more.

That’s me, after a GOOD RUIN to a platonic type of aunty niece-cy friendship for months, I wonder how long it takes for the ice to break again. Maybe in the near future, Maybe never Maybe it could

For the moment, as the voice grew louder at the table, I feel an intense urge to rush home! the truth!

__________________________________ Back to work

Im alone in the office room today, so alone. The sky is turning slowly grey to dark blue.. traffic is so quiet I could see. Nothing exciting around in Singapore sky, except the F1 formulae.

The whole area is combed by fence, high tall fences that made you feel like you in prison, when you passed by, suffocated.

And yeah, the view I viewing could catch a few speed seconds of the F1 formulae, also if you view it in the stand, it’s also a few seconds of the speed motor!

And Its back to WORK!

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