• Serena Tan

My Dad & Mum

How much have we ever shown our concern to our parents? because of our relations, we always assume they are alright doing things themselves. During this period, I couldnt ask for more, during my lowest, awful period, they came into my life again and stood firmly beside me, giving me support emotionally and most of all, their always abiding love. I was just pondering, during my happy times, my fullest joy period, did I ever included them in ? Perhaps I have mislook this, i doubt very much I shared my joy with me, I doubt very much that I thought of them everyday, thinking of ways to make them happy as my parents, yet, in my most down period, quickly without any hestitation, they flew by my side, making me their priority before their appointments., unless I had my own plans, then will they make theirs.

Im not sure if I be as great as them towards them, how much I know they are getting on their age, sometimes, I find them a little naggy and keep repeating their sentence. I was so overwhemled when my other half could communicate, converse and keep them entertained. So when things do not worked out for a reason, in the end, you start to realise. And I do realise that I appreciate my parents, trying hard to get me into their lifes again. I wish I could do something more, perhaps after I recuperate, I hope I will remember to remind myself, that I loved my parents too… and life is more than a “”damage car”””.

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