• Serena Tan

my Daddy’s gift to me

I had a present from Daddy when he picked me from work and presented me, during our journey back home yesterday.

He grabbed from his pocket and passed directly to me.


“OOH! its that watch!”

The watch that I just casually thought I wanted a long while ago, but didn’t expect to have it anyway, but he passed on to me in the car just so surprisingly..

I was then speachless. Maybe had a tear or 2 i think…

I don’t go for watches so when Daddy bought me my first watch years back, I treasured it very much and didn’t intend to have more than the one treasured one. And i have been holding on to it for years and years everyday every second and minute of my time.

So it became 2 watches from the Daddy now and I intend to just stick to that because as it says :


To me one or two watches is enough, especially from my parents, I can wear it everyday and be reminded of their love for me….EVERYDAY!


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