• Serena Tan

mY Daddy’s the other eye for Operation

Today is the typical workday of Monday.

It doesn’t turn out so bad it seems, its already 430p.m. and i looking forward

to the end of the day.

My daddy had his the other eye operated today, and just returned home to

continue his rest. Medical leave for 1 month ++ for both eyes.

What was I thinking, this morning on the way to the train and in the cabin, all i did

was sleep and sleep and stoned the whole journey until when i reached office, i realised

the operation was due.

i quickly offered a quick prayer for a smoothy operation.

I swore i curse and sweared myself… spending my time in sleep….instead of praying fervently.

Then Last evening, Daddy said to me during dinner………

“” tomorrow i have to start everything all over again… “”

and he puted on a smile… my daddy…..

the wheeling to the operation room, the pain, the rest and medical leave

and the drips and more rest to start all from start.

So i stood there stoned for a second and assured him that

by Sunday he could see so clearly again…

and I wonder how he is now…..

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