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My Daily Transport Ordeal

Crowd at the train station by Yahoo

The transport in Singapore is becoming a little unbearable in the recent years.

While some are juggling between heavy traffic on the roads on the expressway in the morning, while the ERP system has somehow fail its initial purpose for being installed, the public transport passengers are not totally very comfortable either.

When ERP was introduced earlier to ease the road traffics during peak period, and to encourage more people to use the public transport, we saw more ERP charges now during EVEN non-peak hours. Even after office hours, when family life was encouraged, we see gantries setup for going home timing too.

For me, I use the train for transport to and fro to work. It use to be quite less-to be comfortable in the last few years, having to just stand because by the time the train reach the area I was in, the seats were quite full. But it was alright having to stand and having some poles or hangers to hold on to.

At least, there was a tiny distance between the next standing passengers.

In the recent years, getting to work becomes a hassle and it was like, a morning of testing-of-your-patience time. It became such a pain even the moment you step in the neigbouring stations. The crowd surrounding the entrance of the waiting area , was overwhelming and to get to the front of the waiting area, you have to allow at least 3-4 trains to pass you by,  before you reach the front of the entrance of the waiting area.

Next to be able to step into the train cabin, you have to to prepare for yourself to being touched and squeeze and push. Sometimes, you have to just push yourself into the crowd to get into the train cabins after a few trains had pass by to reach work on time.

 At special days, you get one empty train and you just felt as though you were back in those years when train was a pleasure to ride in.

And then a few months back, you had the SMRT increasing the fare price, reason was, to improve the train service and have more trains to service us.

 While I am at this, I was just thinking, that the improvement of a service to us, became our baby?. They started to dig into our pockets for improvement, and if we prefer to have the fare the way it it, it meant that we have to continue to have bad service.

Then again, More crowds in the trains, too meant MORE PEOPLE were taking the trains, and MORE revenue and fare collected by the SMRT, yet, they need to increase the fare because they were getting more revenue out of it?

As a layman of the transport area, i see no reasoning seriously. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

I see ,

Lesser people = lesser revenue = no need increase fare.

MORE PEOPLE = more revenue = Increase in fare for improvement.

Just where is this justification reasonable?

The fact that its overcrowding shows that more people are using the transport, shows that more money is collected.

“””Is like a house had 4 rooms with 1 common toilet. In the first few months, 2 rooms were rented out and sharing common toilet. The owner is happy with his 2 rooms of rent collected every month and the tenants living comfortably were happy too. After a while, The owner decided to rent out 2 more rooms, total of 4 rooms rented out, increasing the owner’s income. But the 4 rooms were rented out, with now sharing 1 common toilet. Water bill increase and the owner is not happy, wanting to increase all the rents of the 4 rooms to be able to pay for the increase in water bill. But he forgot that the additional income he newly receive should made up for the increase in water bill.”””

Back to the trainy, Averagly, we pay about S$1.50 per trip to push and squeeze neck to neck with passengers in the cabin. I’m sure non of us enjoy our days public transport trips very much.

Could it be because living conditions have increase, so the price has to increase. But I still have myself being sandwich every morning in the trains cabins, stomach to stomach, even after the increase.

And so, it goes on like these 1 week 5 times in the morning to get to work, everyday with the same squeezing story for me. These days,, you get the ‘train fault’ occuring once or twice a week, and the crowd gets larger.

Days with lesser crowd queuing at the Raffles MRT Station escalator

Having said that, after arriving at Raffles place, is another hassle to crawl to our office building. Just the crowd surrounding and queuing to the escalator to get out of the train station is another challenge.

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