• Serena Tan

My Dream of Bass new Name

Its really weird how dreams could get you thinking and pondering even you realized it might be just a passing dream.

There were 2 flashes,

one flashes that he was reduced to little tiny cracky bones and he was fragile small and everyone was waiting for his departure…

The 2nd flashes to Bass healthy and talkative and kept repeating his name, his new name to me.

3 times he told me, and the surrounding KPOs if I might call, repeat his name and made me write down in pencil and paper his new NAME, because it was just a difficult name to remember!

AND I just cannot get the name now to remember… that why when I woke, I kept trying to recall the dream’s BASS new name although it could have seem in-significance and just a dream to some, I just thought my memory could have been better!

Vague name now… so disappointed WITH myself!

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