• Serena Tan

My dream to open a dog shop

Last noon before I went for my surgery, my parents got some dog food from the pet shop, and while I was waiting in the car, I realised that we used to have this dream of opening a pet shop and even went on enquiring the grooming courses and scout for an available location for our dream. That was a long long time ago….

Nevertheless, it still my desire to have a pet shop, not very practical though, dreams dreaming on.,

my last 2 days meals wasn’t too bad. It was fish and mee suan and fish and mee suan. I loved fish, so fortunately, it wasn’t too blend for me. The only problem was I took at least an hour to finish, due to the MOUTH not being able to open wide… The ache and pain went on pretty well, Im all alive and kicking again…


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