• Serena Tan

My Dreams form relating to the reality

What a nightmare!

And again, the happenings that causes my dream!

Last evening after our FILLING Steak Potato at Jacks Marina, AK went to Kings’ and drank and drank and the early hour singer pattern way of singing related to a friend of mine that I thought had the same pattern way of singing..

So we landed over at 156 for a short while after his drinks and continue with several beer, then this Aunty panicky walked over to the coffeeshop and told us that someone has committed sucide over the opposite block and the body was twisted upon landing. So there was it.

The nightmare I had, that still fresh in my MIND now,… the singer friend of mine was singing halfway, the singer fell from the stairways of the stage and was smashed into pieces flattered and left the remains! URGH!

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