• Serena Tan

My Ear is Humming

This evening the HUMMING ZZZZZzzzzzz came back stronger and my head was so giddy I picked the handphone called Wendy for an appointment and rushed to Desmond after seeing the HOUSE-ON-SALE-ACT!

Guess what is causing my block ear and the humming ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound for the last 2 days! Never believe it, but just wait and see if Desmond’s medicine works and we will know.

NO COOLING STUFF because I am over heated! And……….shhh..

Why? We used to think body heated, more barley more barley more cooling herbal drink!

Desmond is the first CHINESE SINSEH that is the opposite! Who cares as long I get to build my body up!

Sometimes i feel so sick, i ask Desmond, am i going to die! he will always laugh at me! because he sees beyond what a normal doctor could see a patient! AMAZING and it happens..

if Desmond decided not to treat you at all, you are a GONER! you know you are beyond hope and he will shoo you home to rest in peace!

MOST TIMES he tells me stories about his experience!

Usually for a FIRST TIME visiting Desmond, he will take about 45mins to one hour to examiner you throughly. SO in cases like he thinks he can’t help you, he will not treat you. and in this type of cases, he sees beyond a human life.

2molo i say about one of them that he refuses to treat. because the night medicine i took is calling me to bed….

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