• Serena Tan

My Ex Colleagues came from afar

Jia xiang jia xiang

Mian mian mian


Sarawak KoLo Mee (not kok kok mee hor…)

Its delicious. But the main theme was not the noodle.. (however must say a little, we were deciding on Jia Xiang Mian or the GOLD jia Xiang Mian.

What’s the difference. Nothing the price is S$8.90 for GOLD + 3 thin slices of abalone. Because Mei Jin so long hadnt had Abalone, she WENT FOR GOLD.

then made us tempted so all of us went for GOLD Jia Xiang Mian!)

ok back to the main theme, it was to meet up with MayMay, MeiJiN & LT. They arrived late because they miss the flight BUS, and they still looked goody good.

So much of our gossipy.. ex-colleagues gossips are always juicy…

…ps… got door gift somemore lor

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