• Serena Tan

My Family is all getting old and sickly

Dont ask me what to say recently, caused its not easy to say.

My Parents have been ill recently, with especially the H1N1 virus spreading very not rapidly, the last week, my Dady went for his follower-up-check up at the hospital for his Eye cataract operated eyes. It was recovering well ..

But the night he developed a flu and cough which irritates him so badly. He seen the doctor but the cough persisted. Then my mother fell ill to the flu bug. Her voice was unbearably like a not-man-not-woman voice. Still, this coming week, they sounds like they recovering slowly as well with the rest they took ….

Then the Benji which we thought recovered fell to his old-age illness again. His bony body was worrying and the sick parents brought him to the vet a few days before and had an x-ray whats-not and the doctor was worried.

“”try this first,,… try that first….”

and we are trying this and that medicine to see if he starts eating and be active again.

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