• Serena Tan

My Favourite is Snow Skin Mooncake

the colleagues were in a mooncake frenzy today and during lunch went off to queue and collect the mooncakes…

this is my favourite champagne mini-moon cakes from Raffles which without fail, every the year would order for me-self to chew and savour the champagne in my mouth-fy…. except this year..

Mini Snow-Skin Mooncakes with Champagne Truffle & Ganache (8pcs)

迷你香檳巧克力月餅(冰皮) S$45!

and thus, i miss savouring the snow skin champagne …..because i didn’t place my order with my colleagues this year.. due to my in-competency..

and the beh today was nice to share 2 large pieces of Durian mooncake for me to bring home… from Goodwood… still at least i have a mooncake this year to bring back… S$10 per piece…


back to the Earthquake this morning :-

our office building made an annoucement that the tremours and swaying were felt and to be futher investigated prior to this morning’s movements…….

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