• Serena Tan

My Health Screenings

i was the 2nd to reach the hospital health screenings and the sky was totally dim and sleepy when i left the house.

so when i thought, yay, i need not to wait so long for each tests…

The system in the Raffles happened to be down.. so when i reached..

Hi Ms Tan.. this could take a longer than usual because the system is down and we couldnt pull the tags and name stickers… and…”

Ok, ok, so when i was transported to extract my 3 tubes of blood, i was very happy because i can proceed to the Dining area for the buffet spread… thinking since they warned me about the ‘ longer than usual’ thingy.

after the blood extraction… : ” can I EAT??”” yes yes but you see the doctor first.. the nurse said.

so i sat at the waiting area for a while , then got bored, and went to the internet section … before i put my butt down.. the Doctor called me.. so i went in and for more tests and talks.

i came out and I was pushed to the xray ultrasound dept for more testssss… (quite fast leh.. )

After that, i asked again.. ” can i eat now!!””  so hungry liao. yes you can,.. after you try to get your urine and stool sample.. mdm.. the nurse advise..

so i went to the toilet.. hohhoo.. there were about 4-5 ladies inside carrying the greenish plastic bags with containers for the urine and stool samples. hoho! so i left.. and went to the buffet spread .. “EAT FIRST.. !!””

Buffet spread .. hoho

Happy i can eat, i tried to scope alots of the noodle,.. because I WAS SUPER hungry liao.. but the spoon was so tiny…

the one breakie i had

i gave up trying to scope after 10 scopes, because it was tiring..trying to get the meetaibak onto the tiny spoon and onto the bowl..

.. the nurse came in and said.. hi. ms tan.. after your meal.. you have 2 more tests to go.. . you take your time. ok i said.

overlooking at health screenings while eating

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