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My Little cough

Sometimes, i just forgot i cant take western medications, or maybe i though just a cough, So I went to the Raffles Clinic yesterday after my cough n stomach was not getting better after I tried to self Medicate with manuka…for the week…

A young looking doctor attended to me. “So what’s the problem?”” “I have a cough…” “Do you have a fever?”” “I don’t think so..” I was Expecting the doctor to start to want to take my temperature so I was quite prepared for it. But she kept looking at the card and writing!! And never took my temperature..

“Ok I give you cough syrup, Anything else?”” “Yes, my stomach is churning , there’s a lot of gas..I suspect it’s refluxing to my throat making me cough…””

No effort to check my stomach which normally some doctors do..

“”That could be it as well…, I give you some medicine for the stomach”””

“I’m coughing a lot, don’t you want to check if I have tonsillitis ?”

So she took the ice cream stick n stick into mouth to check.

“”My chest hurts when I cough…”” So she start to listen to my chest !!

So I was just starting to think like I was giving her instructions now..

“My nose is little block..” So she prescribed some medications…

So I left knowing I definitely cannot be cure with the prescriptions. Afterall, western medicine worked badly on me.

True enough, the non-drowsy medicine made me totally float and the drowsy cough syrup made me super hyper .. And cause more gasses to my stomach. I was extremely bloated by today with the medications.. The stomach starts to hurt…

I felt very much worst needless to say, as usual with western medications, so after dinner , Thirak and I went to the TCM Downstair. At least I found a bit strength back after the Chinese medications…

Thank you Lord for our breathe we have each morning. For the strength You give us through each second through our issues..

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