• Serena Tan

My little Cramped Room

I must have made several rounds in the kitchen this morning looking for the tea bag to make some morning tea but as alien as I am, I couldn’t manage to locate it. So I settled for water, plain water.

When my parents shifted here, it didn’t take long before I moved out, thus, didn’t have any connections with this home and my parents didn’t make any room for me. Every corner of the house is filled with something,. Everything, all the stuff , wanted, unwanted, discard, unused all stacked up and you-name-it-you-have-it is all in IN every possible place in the house you can find..

Im all cramped in the study-cum-store-room, now making some little space for my stuff and the same being me.

But I’m fine, of course, I would hope to have a room of my own, or maybe someday on my own but i’m pretty much okay especially when I know my parents tried their best to make more space for me and all my stuff, trying much to their best already.

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