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My Meanest Teacher in Primary CHIJ ToaPayoh

We were in the car yesterday and the radio was mentioning to think about 2 teachers that we had back in school. One mean and one good teacher.

Probably blogger about this before,

The meanest teacher, my home economics in secondary school. She is like a crazy that was meant for Woody Bridge Hospital stay. I was cleaning up the kitchen in school after the home econs when suddenly she pulled me into the centre of the class and mocked and mocked at me. I was stunned. Totally stunned. Then I realized that while I was cleaning, she waved her fucking hands at me to go over. Apparently, I didn’t fuck see it! So she made me stood in the middle of the class, mocked and mocked at me and told the class that I was acting dumb, by not responding to her wave. Now I think she is totally dumb.

I hated her since. CHIJ Toa Payoh Home Econs MS TAN! Yeah!

One good teacher lecturer in our Poly, the Maths (which maths was it? C,D,E???) lecturer. A young kind jolly lady that teaches interesting making us so interested that most of us gotten good grades in our second year. Can’t remember her name wor! Good things I can’t remember much. she communicates with us like friends, i wonder if helen can remember her. nb

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