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My Memento AirShow 2008

Asia’s largest aerospace event at Changi Exhibition Centre…

Today was definitely hot steamy scorching burning whatever we can use, hot, till the AK’s shoes were worn off and peeled! As I got to kill 2 birds with one stone, getting a good tan and viewing the fighter planes, it was too bright to snap really good shots of the air show with the average pentax of mine! Hemmm

How did we get there.?? Drove to Pasir Ris at 10.30am – the waiting crowd to alight the shutter bus over at the intercharge field were like the crowds auditioning at the American Idol. We swerve to Tanan Merah Ferry Terminal to hail a cab to bring us into the heart of the Exhibition. This is the time I see so many “””thousands” of police men urshering the traffic on the road under the oppressive heated sun. Cab from Ferry Terminal to the AeroSpace Exhibition. Reached the AeroSpace exactly at 1215pm for the start of the Airshow.

the crowd waiting for the AirShow… doesn’t look hot isn’t it ,. but it damn was

the “almost” collision of the aircraftssss

closer view

it was said that this heartspace made by the aircrafts were for Valentine’s lovers


see the crowd queuing to view the interior of the “”aircraft””.. me laymen don’t know the aircrafts names

i trying to show the aircraft “”missile

big head aircraft

model of the interior of the A380, thought i would just get to see the model actually, but…

then finally we got to see the A380 flying above us for a few slow rounds.

getting some aircon in the exhibition room

our view while queuing for the Taxi, then realised that the traffic had been stationery to allow the A380 to pass through and park at ITS desinated lot in the exhibition centre

then I caught it right in front of us..

Left the place at 130pm, to catch the queue at the Taxi Stand. The Airbus A380 was about to do the park at the exhibition, so all traffic came to a halt of more than 15 mins,,… Good also la, gave me the chance to have a closer shot.. while in the queue.

Got back to terminal at 230pm, and drove to Office at 1 George Street at 3pm, just nice!

We felt BURNED!


Last evening at Sunset way, the Ak and I went for a birthday Dinner, Tiger Hong’s Birthday.

Pictures were all captured by Molly, me = food

Now we see food a bit scary…

Sunset way, looks indeed cozy with all pubs, restaurant made the place like HOlland V! I was shocked at the nice layout of a HDB housing

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