• Serena Tan

My MOM’s Birthday

we meant to give MOMMY a surprise after Uncle Chris and Aunty Jenny requested that ThiRak Darling AK to cook the Curry Chicken and Ngoh Hiang which they quite loved after he did for our housewarming.

so on Mummy’s Birthday on Saturday 13th Marchy,

ThiRak AK COOKED in additional

– BLACK sauce FRIED Biscuit Pork, PORK CHOP to be short – Seafood Ngoh Hiang for me (with no meat), – Fried Fish stuffed with SAMBAL, – Chup Chye (Mummy cooked)

including the Curry Chicken and Ngoh Hiang PORK!

Hey, i helped Darling AK to fry the ALL the Ngoh Hiang. Especially when i felt so horrid, because the night before i had a handover with AK47.

Aunty Kim Bought the cake and together we had Aunty Chye Uncle Chris and Aunty Jenny over for Dinner.

Ice Cream Cake from Swensen

Daddy with his guiter ready to sing to HIS WIFE

the birthday song.

mommy took 2 blows to blow out the candle

Benji and Carol came over in the later evening, after work, for drinking till.. 3am.

Aunty Chye, Daddy & Carol 2 wine

Me Darling AK Benji, 1 Martell, 1/2 Cordon Bleu.

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