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My Pets

It was quite a disappointment last night in the Pasar Malam over opposite the home of ours. After a short nap and the new serial show on channel 8, the AK and I decided to talk a stroll to the stalls! He bought a Malay burger for his supper and in less than half an hour, we were done and returned home to watch the Korean The Ghost, Dead Friend DVD! It’s quite a trill!

And then hearing about Jasmine’s dog being sick due to old age requires lots of attention and vet’s fees reminds me of my past pets.

Hamsters – can only recall one hamster named Doreen furry and quite large fat in fact who gave birth to several tiny babies, but had it down the throat in days. I had it during my Kindergarden days.

My first doggie – Silky Terrier, Mimi ,she was fierce and selfish. Whenever she was eating, you better not walk near her bowl, she would snap and crack and start to bite you. She got into old age, had several operations and had urinating problems followed by stones in her gall. Soon, she started to urinate with drops of blood all over the house without her knowledge uncontrollably. We had to place newspaper all over the house. She crawled out to the doorstep one night to die. I cried for a month.

Then Daddy had several other dogs, Walter … fierce si bay fierce!

Then I bought another dog – Beagle, I called him SnopSnop. He was so adorable cute and very very playful. Not a minute could he be still, but because he was such a hound dog and we had no time and place to house him, I had him sold within months to a pet shop in Serangoon. I cried for days!

And NOW, currently, Benji and Nikki…

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