• Serena Tan

My pile Surgery

When we reached Raffles surgery centre yesterday, I realised that i brought my large bag but when the Nurse asked me, “Ms Serena, can we have your IC please…” , my large bag failed to have my wallet with me. hoho. My wallet was left in my weekend smaller baggie and my credit card and IC is not with me! oh my gosh.. Thank God they verified verbally with me, then i was walked into the rest room for my surgery. i changed into my surgery clothes and took out all jewelleries and laid on the bed to be wheeled in. And i was wheeled in the surgery room early, at 8am.

The water bubbles sounds, the machine sounds and the nurses chatting happily sound, while i was laying down.. and this experienced Nurse took my hand and started shaking it to see my veins and poke just ONCE into it and it was done, Thank the Lord i had this experienced Nurse to do it, just once she managed to poke into my veins. Some i heard couldn’t just do it the first time.

Time to be sedated soon,

“”now i sedate you ah….” the doctor said after explaining to me the whole procedure again. I heard it once in the office the other day. “ok”  i said then i was facing the machine with a lot of lines and i was watching the lines, straight and going up, straight and going up, while he was injecting the medicine into my veins,………..zzzz…………….. and i woke up!

i was already in the rest room on the bed… i opened my eyes a little, saw the nurse, complained to her i’m in discomfort and wanted to go pass motion, and the last thing i heard she said, ” try to fart…” and I fell asleep again.

So i was out of the hospital by 10am already. The whole day yesterday, i felt the need to go toilet but this is just the effect only, the feeling of passing the motion but actually, its empty. The fact that i didnt have any food in the last 24 hours, and diahorrea the night before, definately, i assumed I had nothing at all. this feeling felt the whole day yesterday and it was just this discomfort, no pain but the aching urge and the aching type of painy. it was quite tiring to feel this aching though, but at least better than when the piles dropped out, hahah.

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