• Serena Tan

my Pre Glimpse of the Wedding day

The day after attending the registery of Marriage centre and som-pa-ing at 1505pm,

we left to King’s hotel to check in and do some little bit of reharsal.

the hall in the noon before the guests check in,

the darling AK and tall ben inspecting

the liquor that we bought and brought in to our dinner the day before,

was already displayed in our dinner hall for consumption.

13 martells, 3 Black Label, 3 Chivas Regal and

24 bottles of Red Wine

+ 13 jugs of beer complimentary from the dinner

Uncle Snop

Tau Tao Gao!

The night after our wedding dinner adjourned to King’s Connection

for darling AK’s birthday and more drinking … and for lots of craziness.

Not only i was high, the rest of the people too… chuckle chuckle.

Down at Connection

darling AK’s birthday

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