• Serena Tan

My stupid struggling Dream

Me carol and aunty nancy pants were soaked throughout during our lunch tabao yesterday afternoon in Golden Shoe. The rain was merciless, even with the brolly, it wasn’t much coverage. Darn . While the ladies went to the toilet to dry their pants, I had a unmatching skirt in my drawer and I switched to the dry skirt for the day.

The dream last night seemed so real . I was in the middle of the road with the AK and I thought yeng yeng as well when a fight broke up among the road bullies. It gotten so bad, we had to finally got out the car and watched the fight, it wasn’t long the road bully won and killed the other person.

Policemen all came and tried to nab the road bully but the road bully gotten hold of me instead. He was strong and pulled me towards away and I was screaming and screaming hoping the AK and Yeng to pull me towards the other direction. But they didn’t

In the end, the Ak gave him S$50 to escape and he released me. The policemen somehow disappeared. Stupid dream but it was so real until now, the moments of me struggling to be set free. Haha its really stupid. Stupid to note down and laugh over It years later.

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