• Serena Tan

Naughty Benji Strikes

The benji boy has caused mother’s last finger ligament to tear after brining him and the nikki boy out for a walk 2 days ago. He pulled and pulled and think my mother cannot handle him or the chain she was holding pulled at her finger and tore it!


my stomach churned in when she showed me her swollen finger.. Oh no!

Such a naughty boy he is, seems like no one can handle him when he is out in the open. He goes wide and starts to shit a lot, and I mean a lot, because he is anxious and super excited and start madly running to every tree to pee, every little corner to snift if, IF he wasn’t attached to the collar.

Many times, he will dashed out of the house in our carelessness, and run all over the block, the garden until he is satisfield.

We have learnt. Not to go after him anymore.. We just go on doing our thing or bring the Nikki boy out for a walk, the Benji boy will eventually made his way home after he is tired or wait outside the door!

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