• Serena Tan


PSP = the AK’s latest toy.

After me and Daddy busy with the Ipods and and downloading stuff, getting excited over small gadgets, the AK decided to show his PSP!

Gaga Games that’s about it. —————————————– Saturday was good. We had a drive to fetch the Mother and we had our long craving BAK KUT MEE.. Yummy now talking about it increases my hunger pang.

Then the evening we had to rushed dinner before going to Dragon Fly. It was packed. As usual. We were slightly late and the reserved table was taken. So we had to be seated down, with the crowd that squeeze and bang at you, but it seems that only me and Julianna minded. The girls that is out there loved it, to be squeezed and to be squash and to bang. Anyhow, We managed to last the ordeal for 2 sets of the band!

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