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New Year Countdown @ Florence

Repost Bigger pictures:- 05jan09

Cause i can’t wait no longer. to wait for the large photos to come so i thought i bloggie this NEW YEAR start, with thesessss TINY pictures, from the photographers… (why so tiny… gaga) the countdown of our NEW YEAR at Florence’s house.

Digging the crabs – aunty Nikki


cheers to the New YEAR! these guys are horrid. they actually

emptied the filled 3litre Martell!

We actually sprayed Poppers in FLORENCE”S house

AK carry daughter lor

playing card games..

she got lucky numbers into the ballons and blew it up!

and prepared cute weird funny usable stuff into presents.

small things like these very cute lor. made the day. something

to remember!

Thanks Yeng.

Till the larger photos come to me, take a magnifying glass to view for the moment. tsk tsk

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