• Serena Tan

Next Better Player?

Evening light dinner turned out to be such a full meal!. The AK again had the craving and “jio” the aunty Kim and the Parents to East Coast for the yet-famous satay bee-hoon and by the time we arrived there with aunty Kim, it was almost 7pm and the Mummy has been queuing for like about half an hour.

No more satay bee hoon for me, at least not for the next 1 month. Its girly and the peanut sauce is making me shake. Agruu… only me actuali. Especially when you finished the whole plate and feel so bloody full and bloated..

Spare me the satay bee hoon from my body, pleaseeeeee somebody!


Be the way, the bigger boss is in town, had been since yesterday for the appointment or the take-over of the next better player, I guess…

Speculations, Speculations,

Maybe we should have a rough guide for the next better player… tata! Yup, We probably already know… shocked, surprised or expected????

no Comments…

had lots of reaction to that though…. Hemmmm!

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