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Nikki Boy in his old age

The bloggie seems to be the best thing I like about few years back, where you update your stuff and pictures to keep the memories, but these days, with timeline in facebook, with a group of updates you get in facebook, I seems to be more laze about putting post in words in the log.

It seems easiler to blog in facebook these days, but I do noticed that, in months and years to come, it doesn’t help a lot to bring back the memories though.

So it just plain laziness actually to come together to put a quick post in the 7 years of bloggie that I had, I suppose.

Just to summarise a LITTLE,

Nikki boy has been in and out of the vet for the last few months and since then, he got worst with the days passing. Considering the age 14 years of a dog is equivalent to 98 years of human life, he is probably an old dog already. Since its not enough to bring that as a consolation to us, as we see him everyday fading into the death bed. He spent his time sleeping almost all the time with one eye nearly blind already. He is getting quite bony sometimes just refusing to eat.

It is a definate pain to see your pet in painy yet you are helpless.  AS my aunty said, count it a blessing that he has spend wonderful 14 good years with us already. I guess so. I guess that is how God made dogs to be. And we just have to accept that though.

I too remember Mimi and Benji, how they passed away from their own sickness, everyday then, we felt so helpless and sad towards them. But we moved on.

And so, we are, trying to let him eat the most and everything that he can, whenever he wants to.

Unneccessary emotionals. Too painy sometimes, so I suggested to everyone , no more dogs in time to come.

Well, I guess WE too, physically, don’t last forever.

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