• Serena Tan

Nitemare with Chocolates

Because of the large intake of chocolates I had the other day, because I was hungry and it was left on the pantry table by our japanese colleague who was kind enough to bring some fine chocolates from zurich for us..

and I took a little too many because I was totally greedy, knowing the body doesn’t respond well to chocolates..

Post results:-

I (hahaha) had suffered constipation for 2 days…

I had felt the fever and flu that was about to explode and never came because the sleep conquer it.. ( yeah great..)

The pimples shot up immediately…

And its even haunting me… till today.. this is..

The last night/ this morning I DREAMT OF LARGE SQUARE CHOCOLATES THAT GOT STUCK IN ME… and I was trying to pull it out.

LARGE SQUARE BLACK CHOCOLATES in my body….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How bad can it get… 🙂

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