• Serena Tan

No KFC for the next 6 months

I think i’m skipping KFC for the next 6 months because i had 3 pieces today. 2 original and 1 drumplet.

Meijin’s craving for the fast food, so we met up agnes aunty nancy meimei

in suntec for the sinful kentucky fried chicken for lunch.

1st bite was heaven 2nd piece was getting a little oily 3rd piece was too “heng” already.

and here i am wishing i could wash the oil down with some tea, but better not wash the expensive desmond’s medicine down the drain. So i have to feel “heng” the whole afternoon.

not forgetting after the holidays, my eyes was totally well and smooth with good vision. After this morning sitting at the office, my eyes were slowly blurring and getting drier drier and drier.

By before lunch my eyes felt worst than dry than ever.

I had the technican over last week to shift the aircon AWAY from me. Today its happening again.

So i took a light tissue paper, took my RULER and poke it through the tissue and let it stand on the ruler.

THE tissue was swiftly moving to the wind from the aircon. OKAY so THE AIRCON IS STILL BLOWING DIRECTLY at my face. I got the technican down for the 3rd time.

gagagga… hopefully its going to help. cheer!

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