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The aunty jenny had us to her club, ahem, in ST over at POrtsdown last evening. Thinking it probably its quite posh, we all agreed to dress up a little, to our dismay… it was ok, no comments. Ahem..

Then I was eager to get back to 156 since it was totally empty boring and the worst I couldn’t drink, because I was, my stomach was feeling totally gone destroyed and uncomfortable.

Again, I hate this feeling, the stomach flu virus churning and making me totally tired, low energy and boring.

So of course didn’t get to stay late last night as the stomach was begging to rest quickly.

Thus this morning woke up fresh and healthy, on the half road to recovery. The family had luncheon over at Sing Ming Noodles, and me had soup only after which we proceed to Nursery when the AK wanted to get a few more plants to decorate and fill the empty pots outside the house of ours..

These the plants and flowers we chosen and bought..

at the paying counter!

This is the cold room,… where all the very fresh flowers were stalled

totally freezing and one family brought their winter clothes to dress up inside, the kids were fully clothe with gloves even! Sign…

got mummy to stand beside the lilies in the cold room…

the results of the AK plantation outside the house of ours!

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