• Serena Tan

Old man digging our food at Hong Lim

Back from a mee suan fish slices lunch at Hong Lim 1Level. I had 2 errands to run before meeting my lunch partners at Hong Lim and their service was so slow, that even after my 2nd errand, the luncheon wasn’t serve.

CY had a bowl of rice to go along and only managed ½ a bowl. At our usual coffee time, the thinly, feeble, fragile old man stood behind me, waiting patiently… I turned to look and he asked if we still wanted the ½ bowl of rice.

We told him to go ahead and he took out his plastic cup, containing different collections of rice that he had collected probably earlier and filled it to the brim from CY’s bowl.

Quite satisfied, he thanked us and weakly walked unhurriedly away to find other source of unwanted food, discard by consumers…

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