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On Father’s day

Updated: Apr 29

On Father’s day,

We didnt create much deal with the day, we started our day in church, where the piano stand failed again, and dropped the keyboard the 2nd time.

so frightful already i was, during which i was half expecting the keyboard to fall on me every time i was playing during the worship for the last few weeks, thank God, it dropped right before the service started.

So Thirak AK and Daniel,  tightened the screws at the joints, the stand worked out fine when i was playing during the worship yesterday.

Thank God.

It was Father’s Day and the Fathers all received a litte gesture from SOLF.

Daddy n his present

N Daniel who wanted his picture taken with Pastor Chew’s present

N Daniel who wanted his picture taken with Pastor Chew's present

So the Thirakdarling AK decided to furthur improvise the double stand, (Instead of going back to Swee Lee to do a little complaint), instead, he brought back the keyboard stand to IMPROVISE THE STAND, so i wouldnt be frightful during the piano playing during the sundays…

He went to the hardware stall, got some chains and ‘whatever’ and started drilling …

ThirakDarling fixing the keyboard stand at home

Thirakdarling testing on the keyboard stand.. after improvising with more locks!

so scary, but it looks quite able and strong to hold the keyboard, at least, since it can hold his weight hahaha.

 Well, it looks good.

and the evening, we had a gathering at old airport kallang hawker centre. it was a order too much , the food was not good at all, maybe we ordered from the wrong stalls, but our thinking i guess was, most of the hawkers there would be good, since it was authetic hawker leh.. but the food was disappointing, most of the food actually, but the company was good.

The first snap shot

The 2nd snap shot

Gossping and trying to make merry .. Well at least our company was fantastic…

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