• Serena Tan

On Fathers’ day..

Daddy thought to try the No Signboard at Geylang and i confirmed to him that there was valet parking (as far as i could remember), so we arrived there super early at about 6pm, but the restaurant was already so packed.

so the valet-sss were already so busy and looked very frantically lost and due to the lack of man power , no body could take over the car to the parking lot, and they had to ask us to follow their car, driven by the valet and they drove all the drives back. It took about half an hour later for the drivers to be back at the resturant, can you imagine the journey to the carpark lot (a multi storey lot) and the jam the Geylang is causing.

Anyway,  a little scary though but it wasnt a scam at least, it was alright.

Apart from the awful experience of car-parking , the food was good, i must say.. and quite costly.

AT no Signboard Geylang

Crab BeeHoon, it costs about S$54 this plate but its good.

salted egg prawns. Not fantastically done. i tasted better not that i can cook.

wow. this LALA is really good. we all loved it

it says Champange chicken but taste just like Lemon Chicken.

Happy Daddy’s day!

i think i will go there again for the crabs, if i had the superb SPARE CASH!

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