• Serena Tan

On Mother’s Day

Pre Mother’s celebration on Saturday at SIngapore Cricket Club. We had Nuns and different curries… fish head curries, Mutton 2 types Curries n

Chicken Curries with rice and pratas… Yes the curries at Cricket Club was good.

lounge for Music and light drinking

Daddy’s old time band, “NEW FACES” was jaming at the lounge and

we stayed till the lounge closes…

which was


after the blessings of Mother, a different buffet was served this weekie!

BABI PONTEH …. nonya buffet + POPIAH party.

very good food,.


At the Nonya section, mummies goes first.

this FAT POPIAH made by the darling AK!

after our games and prizes for the Mother’s.

Another of the Tan Family old days friends at York Hotel..

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