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Opening Euro

Updated: Apr 29

where was i last night?

Last night, we went over to the 156 earlier to secure a nice viewable table with our drinking mates to catch the opening of the Euro2008 after the AK came home. As well as the world cup qualifier Singapore ……. (ok lets not mention it, not that I thought Singapore would win, but at least a pass in the qualifying round…)

So the Benji and the Ak and I were the last seating in the 156 till the Portugal 1st half and we left. The whole night was rather peaceful, quiet with TONS of jokies among ourselves while catching the Czech R and Portugal matches.

So after several Guinness and Heneiken, we thought of catching the 2nd half Portugal at home, and we left the last man in 156 as in our mates, and the AK realized I had subscribed the wrong channels. In fact, we only had the sports but no EURO which I though I did subscribe.. Hemm,. Jokie!

While the football aside, while in 156 in tense and screaming moments, a crazy Indian man came of the nowhere and seated himself over at a corner table. The interesting thing was, he was clearing the empty glasses, cleaning the tables after customers had eaten and was practically doing the jobs of the cleaners and Ah chai’s waiters. He wasn’t any of the staff over at 156.

After that , he requested for cigarettes or money from whomever he thinks he could mess.

He did that for like a couple of hours, until with no harvest, he left. It can be quite scary, he seemed a little out of the mind making his rounds to every table every min and we had to take caution of his motive.

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