• Serena Tan

Ordinary Friday

its the holiday week and all ready to usher in the year of the Rat!

Last night we had a quickie lunch at Chong Pang the Famous Duck that is so yumy juicy and tender. The Ak and I got a little greedy and ordered a whole half duckie just the 2 of us, and returned home to realise the Daddy hasn’t had his dinner!

so after trying to clear the laundry, we all went to 156 and waited for the Mummy. Guess what. She thought she took the wrong bus home from Orchard. After a while, her msg shows she was on the right path, but a longer way to Bukit Timah and back to Yishun. By the time she arrived at 156, it was almost 10pm. Thank goodness the daddy get to eat first! the session last night was dry uninteresting and pure drinking with the couples. Because we had curfew, me and the AK left sooner which left the surprised available people there!


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