• Serena Tan

our CNY Movie

the 2nd day of CNY, me parents darling AK and me had a stroll to Yishun 10 for the 330pm, Love Matters!

same old type of lingo, this time in Malaysia, very every-day-kind of story. the realistic type though.

and then

Mummy’s right!

The heartache starts at the end of the movie. it feels weird at the end of the life,

ever heard of grow old become a child? first childhood,

2nd childhood at your old age and Dementia is the word for the last few aging days.

think about it, its almost the same, because babies too can’t seemed to know what is going on!

additionally, i found that 1 in 8 million in this world child gets this diseases…

growing multiply old at a young age! Progeria

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