• Serena Tan

OUR Eve of Lunar “Rabbit” New Year..

And this Lunar,

We had steamboat over at AK’s mom’s house.. during in the noon time for luncheon.

Steamboat at AK's Mom's house for Lunch at Eve

the little Nicolas

and for dinner, we were the 2nd group at the restaurant, the later timing groupie, 815pm.

but it was messy and crowded and there was no ambience.

The food was served 2-3 dishes at the same TIME, and we were made to feel we are more like a burden to the restaurant, burden to the staff than we were the customers.

OCBC centre, 5th storey. at New Year Eve’s, what do you expect? everyone is rushing to have something for traditional purpose, the restaurant is making tons of more $$ by adding extra cost to the”banquet” with no service, yet rushing and chasing us home the moment we were seated, that was at least, how i felt, especially so, this particular year.

some family at certain tables didnt made us feel they were family, when the several plates of food were served at their table, they ate all whatever they can attack, with no communications whatever, and before WE were half done with our course, some family at other tables were ready to go home. No fellowship, no chitchat ..just makan and GO home.. for the sake of reunion..

Maybe they felt the rush the restaurant was chasing them,, whatever.. cannot blame them maybe..

So we had, as slow as we wanted .. with drinks …

Lo Hei .

the other table

Cody Fish

this is good

and that end our paternal reunion dinner…

at OCBC centre. the service was ‘no-words-to-comment-liao…..”  Completely no service in these period of busy busy moments, yet we paid for the service charge, not to mentioned the towels that they charged included but not given any to us.

We serve our own water and ice, beg for tea at the end of the course.. Ask for wine glasses,.. . machiam begging the waiters/waitress for glasses.. then we were chase away by one waitress.. “” SOLLY WE ARE CLOSING…””

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