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Our In-House-Duck Lunch In oFFIce

Our In-House-Duck Lunch In oFFIce

The beh had ordered the duckies and porks from Bishan and had it sent over for our luncheon! 10 of us. By 1245pm, the food hadn’t arrived, so all of us gathered over in the pantry to relax!

The setup for the duckies to come ….hungry hungry

Then the food arrived with all the hungry humans (not hungry ghost )trying to quickly in a dash get the food in appearance!

I had duck leg rice. So I had no fighting to do! One other had duck noodles

So the sharing was between 8 of them, all wacked the food when it arrived. It was quite yummy!

And before I could snap any of the delicious duckies, the camera battery got depleted !

Very the serena! Sigh……

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