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Our Makan Fellowship

So finally we had our CUrry Chicken Fellowship dinner over at our house on the 3rd Dec.

Thirak AK & Momma started the chopping scrapping and what’s-not on the 2nd dec evening, preparing the ingredients ready for the next day.

On Saturday morning, we woke early for breakfast at the market. And Thirak AK went about with his marketing.

One of the main items was of course CHICKEN. There was a stall with ready NON_FROZEN chicken, all laid out on the stall display table, and he wanted to get those.  So he asked for the price, the lady said one chicken was S$8 across the board.

So Thirak AK said he wanted 2 and chose a bigger chicken. After the choppings, the lady wanted to charge Thirak AK S$17! isnt one for S$8? no the lady said because it was a bigger chicken, it would be S$17 for 2.

But that wasnt the price she initial said.. it was across the board. regardless of the chicken we chose.

She wasnt exactly very honest then. And it wasnt our first encounter with this stall with dishonesty, I guess.

So we learnt something that day with this stall’s honesty.

Thirak AK tried out the Ngoh Hiang with the Airfryer, but it didnt worked out quite nicely, so he ended up with the old style frying.

And of course, his major specialty Curry Chicken, with some side dishes lala, crocodile meat, prawns.

it was a good time overall!

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