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Our make up in the Office for the Photos

OFFICE : – Our photo taking session in the office for the corporate update – The professional photographers are doing their set up NOW In the board room with the MAKEUP ARTISTS to paint the faces of individual of us and me just finished my makeup. EVERYONE HAS TO be MADE-UP! Didn’t realised that IT was supposed to be so detailed!!!!!! Gagaga Everyone is the office has a painted face … soon 100% of the office…


i might as well update the shooting session today! A few of the colleagues didn’t take the makeover and the hairdo thought. Some were pretty shy and some probably would be sensitive to the makeup. When big head lian came out of the pantry with her makeup!


Everyone went wild!! Laughing and wild-ing away

Not that she was ugly. The artist couldn’t capture her features well. HER DARN EYEBROWS were BLACK DARK AND THICK DRAWN! THE artist was horrible, that particular one! we had 3 in total!

And after all the high management people took their individual shots each, we assembled at the lobby and stood in 3 rows and the professional photographers went snap snap snap for more than 20 shots I think and the whole thing ended in a snap!

Smile until cannot smile still must try and smile. All for that fuss… quite cute though.

wonder if i will get hold of that picturessssss

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