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Our Memories of Bass

Songs that link to our minds,

Certain songs across the radio brings you back to the era and somehow relating some memories that were attached to it. Amazing isn’t it how songs just relate to a scene pictures or someone the memories that were kept right behind us…

Like Bass = Soldier of Fortune..

And JUST LAST Thursday DUMB AK got the King’s Band to strum the SOLDier of Fortune. It Definitely brought the link to our hearts and mind and it felt so weird after so long to hear and felt close to Bassie again.

Even that last time we had a BBQ at Pasir Ris and Ricky had his tiny MP3 going going going and the next song was Soldier of Fortune, everyone protested, yelled and almost hammered RICK and requested to the next song. .. Noone wanted to be reminded!

FUNNY right. Funny how our human sentiments work, how we try to erase, its always stucked somewhere at the back of our minds.

The evening always ends with dinner and drinks and its was at the coffeeshop, for a short drinks last night after the cooling dinner at East Coast Lagoon with the parents. It was disappointment for daddy and the AK and me and Mummy (so it boils down to all la) because NO the famous satay bee hoon and carrot Cake! SO we had beef and rubbish!

Nothing in our favour and the poor AK was super-craving for his claypot rice, smell also cannot smell!

You know those balloons where you blow it big using a small straw and gum… yeah the two big large men, the AK & Ming were busy blowing gum balloons at the coffeeshop for little Henry entertaining him. Imagine this, walking to a coffeeshop and seeing two large men blowing gum balloons and bouncing it to and fro… gaga I had such a laugh last night. When the gum finished, the two large men utilized the straws in the coffeeshop with borrowed scissors to make whistle from it and were trying to create a song from the straw by blowing it with their mouth. The little Henry failed to came out some sounds though and he was so well entertained by them, the different modes of sounds, enough to bring the laughter and squeals to himself!

The laughter of the little Henry was so innocent and adorable. + the 2 large old men trying to reminisce their childhood plays……


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